Unless you have lived in a cave since 1907 you already know what Scouting is. The majority of families in the UK are touched by it, often having at least one person who has, at some time, been involved (Dad was a Cub in the 70's, kind of thing). It is a truly awesome endeavour, run at the front-line by thousands of adult volunteers who are fully trained to deliver an extensive and exciting programme to hundreds of thousands of kids.

It's changed a lot since Dad wore grey shorts and a green cap as a Cub; we dress down a lot, we have Bear and Kate, ahem, we mean, the Duchess of Cambridge, who are superstars, and we no longer wear silly hats. The core values remain; fun, adventure, trust, self-respect, learning, courage,.. tons of stuff. Oh, and, of course, poking sticks in fires.

Bear Grylls
Duchess of Cambridge

Be involved. All over the country there are huge waiting lists of kids who want to join the adventure. You already have the skills you need. Its not all about knots and camping. It doesn't have to be a huge commitment. You don't have to give up your life; the odd hour here and there as a non-uniformed helper or book-keeper or scout-hut-fixer will give you some great fulfillment. Whatsmore, you will be helping to give our young people access to the best youth development scheme for six-to-twenty-five-year-old's in the World.


Scouting is awesome